Monday, 2 January 2012

Children's Eye Troubles

Ever since my daughter was about a year old people close to her started noticing that she seemed to have some sort of "lazy eye" going on.

I didn't really worry about it too much because her eye would only cross every once in a while and I had remembered my son having the same thing as a baby and he had grown out of it (Or so I thought... But more on that later). I chalked it up to her eye muscles not being strong enough yet. I figured that she would probably grow out of it as her eye muscles strengthened and became more developed. Well, she is now two years old and it has not gotten any better. I hesitate to say that it is worse, because I don't really think it has, just more or less the same. The right eye will kind of point inwards from time to time giving her a bit of a cross eyed/ lazy eye look. It does not stay like that and only does it for a spilt second, but it happens often enough for other family members to notice it and to cause me some worry.
In this pic you would never know she has a turned eye

 My son, Coder, started kindergarten this year and he teacher also asked me if he seemed to have trouble seeing. She asked this because, apparently, during class he would put his nose two inches from the paper when reading sometimes. I wasn't really sure what to make of this news because I draw and practice writing his ABC's with him all the time and have never seen him struggled to see the page. I thought maybe he was just horsing around or something because he does do random things like that sometimes (What kid doesn't?). However, he had been struggling in Kindergarten with his ABC's and reading so I figured it was time to get his eyes checked just to rule that out.

Well, I booked an appointment for him at my optometrist and brought him in for a checkup. After about an hour of pointing out shapes and animals and doing eye tests the optometrist told me that one of his eyes was, in fact, turned in slightly in as well. The good news is that his vision was really good considering having a turned eye. She said it is only slightly turned, not enough to notice just by looking at him. It was only visible when she checked it with her high-tech, eye tester thingy. So, apparently, he hadn't grown out of it as I had thought he did. She scheduled a follow-up appointment with him in a months time during which they are going to put drops in that can help correct it (I am not sure what the drops are exactly but I have to pay 30$ for them...I will find out more info when we go back). If the drops are unsuccessful then he may have to wear glasses for about a year or so. I asked if it would be just for school or reading but she told me that they would most likely have to be worn all the time. I am not really upset about this possibility because for one it is better to try to fix these type of things while children are still young. Plus, I wore glasses in elementary school and I honestly liked them. I loved going to the eye doctor to pick out my glasses and a cool matching glasses case. If he does end up needing them I will be doing the same thing my mother did, which is including him in the entire process of picking out his glasses (after I narrow it down to a few affordable pairs first) and a matching case, show him how to clean them and take care of them and all that jazz.
The machine that confirmed Coders turned eye
 I will admit that I am a bit worried for his appointment though because the drops that they are putting in will make his eyesight extremely blurry for about an hour. I feel that not being able to see anything will scare him and he may think that it is going to stay like that forever regardless of what we tell him, thus causing him to freak out. It can't stay blurry forever, can it? It makes me a tad anxious too... I guess the only thing I can do is be there for him, explain the process and what to expect as well as I can, reassure him that it won't stay that way and just be there for him. Oh, and hope for the best.

As for my daughter, she is supposed to go back the same day as Coder (although I think I may change their appointments for separate days because I don't wanna get stuck with a toddler AND a five year old having meltdowns at the same time.) I already know that she has the same problem with one eye being turned. I am worried because I know hers is much worse, and is way more noticeable day to day, even by other people like family members and close friends. I am preparing myself for the fact that she will more then likely need glasses or some type of intervention to try to correct it. I only hope that nothing else is wrong with her eyes or that it isn't the result of something more serious.

Glasses are specially made for toddlers/babies

 I try to tell myself that stuff like this is common and happens to all kinds of children, but it is still hard as a mother to see anything wrong with your children. I can't help thinking it may have been something I had done that caused it. I mean BOTH of my kids have the same thing wrong with their eyes. Bad eyesight does run in my Hubby's family, however, and I am not quite sure if that could be a factor. I am worried about my daughter needing glasses because she can be so defiant that I just cannot see her keeping them on. I am worried she will have a freak out if we try to make her wear them. But I have to try to not get ahead of myself and always envision the worse.  I will just have to deal with it, if and when the time comes. Good eyesight is very important because it affects so many aspects of your life.   I am just glad that we were able to catch this while they are still young, because these types of things can be more difficult to correct as they get older. Plus, if left untreated these types of conditions often become worse or untreatable.

**QUICK TIP** You can check if your child has a lazy or turned eye at home by sitting them directly in front of you have having them look straight ahead while you shine a pen light straight into their eyes. If the dot of light reflects in the same spot in the center of each pupil then their eyes are straight. However, it if reflects straight in one eye and then slightly to the left or right in the other eye, then that eye is turned and you should bring them to see the eye doctor to have them assessed. This is is a trick that you can use to confirm whether or not your child has a cross eye or lazy eye, but it is NOT meant to replace an actual diagnosis by an optometrist. If you suspect an issue with your child's eye sight you should get them checked by a licensed optometrist as soon as possible.

So that is that latest news with the kiddos. Do any of you mommy's have children or babies that wear eye glasses? Is it difficult to get a toddler to wear them? Has you child ever had an issue such as cross eyes or lazy eyes? Was it corrected? Any info on this subject or personal stories would be greatly appreciated. I just hope that it can be treated while they are young and that it doesn't have a negative impact on their eye sight as they grow older...I will keep you all updated on the situation once I bring them to their next appointment.

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