Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cute & Simple Toddler Hairstyles

Ever since I first found out I was having a girl, I had visions of all the adorable ways I would style her hair.

Unfortunatly, at age two, her hair is still not really long enough for any type of intricate style. Truthfully, most days I barely manage to run a comb through it, let alone get her to sit style long enough to style it. However, with the holidays finally here this means many a party to attend and dinner to host. I decided that I need to find some cute and easy hairstyles to go along with her incredibly cute Christmas dresses. Also, lately she has been bugging me to give her piggytales every day.

Had to use Coder's Vtech kids cam cuz mine was dead.Sorr so blurry!

She brings me elastics from her little container and whines and whines until I put them in her hair. This piggytail ritual is not complete until I also put elastics in all twenty-four of her dolly's hair. Usually the only two hairstyles I attempt are either a little half ponytail on the top of her head or pigtails. I am not very creative in the hair department. I have styled my hair in the same messy bun since high school. I wanted to try to find a few different options for her hair that could be done fairly quickly and easily. Luckily, she is going through a phase right now where she enjoys having her hair done so her yanking the elastics out won't be an issue (Although I am sure this will soon change).  I found some really cute ideas on Google but there wasn't as much info on toddler hairstyles as I thought there would be. I decided to post my findings hoping to provide some great styles all in one place, something I could not seem to find online.  I am not sure which style I am going to do on Nelly for Christmas day but I am definitely going to be stuffing her stocking with tons of hair accessories so I can experiment. Lucky for me, the dollar store by my house carries pretty much every type of hair accessory there is, for only a buck a pop. Since all dollar stores are pretty much the same ideas I am sure that you can find many great accessories at your local one as well.  Here are some simple and adorable ideas for your the little princess in your life:


You cannot go wrong with simple pony or pigtails.

You can spice up pigtails and ponys by adding multiple elastics or attatching multiple ponys together like so:

 Hair clips/Barrettes:

Hair clips and barrettes are a super easy way to spice up your little ones hair and you can easily coordinate them with their outfit to complete the look. If baby's hair isn't quite long enough for a normal clip try the velcro kind. They re designed to hold small and fine amounts of hair. Even baby's with just peach fuzz! To learn how to make your own velcro clips click HERE!


Braids require a bit more time and effort but are perfect for special occasions or for keeping your little ones hair out of her eyes. You can go with the basic braid, multiple small braids, or french braids.


Hairbands are the perfect solution for toddlers who are, like mine, lacking in the hair department.


Ribbons and bows are a simple way to make a basic hairstyle really pop, and you can easily coordinate the color to match any ensemble.


This is a great hairstyle if you are looking for a fun and funky look that stands out from the norm. There are many ways to incorporate twists or knots into different styles. You can go more laid back with just two pigtail twists or you can go for a fun and playful look with whole head full.

Styling Tips for Toddlers:

-Apply a detangling spray for little ones with thick and/or curly hair. This will get the tangles out, making it easier to comb and preventing a tearfest.
-Give them a small toy to hold. This will, hopefully, distract them long enough for you to do their hair. Or just do what I do and turn on Treehouse channel:)



  1. Envious of you and then not envious. My daughter didn't let me do anything frilly with her hair until she was 6. And now it's a pony tail every week so she can go into dance class.

    Those styles and suggestions are adorable though! May your daughter continue to let you do that to her hair!

    Following you from the bloggy moms.


  2. Yeah, I am not sure how long her cooperation will continue. Glad to have you following:)


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