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Creative Teacher's Christmas Gift Idea!

I had originally planned on boring you all with a long, winded introduction on why I decided to start blogging (again), what my inspiration was, and basically my entire life story, but instead I am just going to cut to the chase. I decided to blog again because I have no life. Wait...Let me explain. I am a stay-at-home Mommy to a five year old son and two year old daughter (but that's for another post) as well as engaged to my middle school sweetheart and the father of my children (also another post). Now don't get me wrong, being a Mom keeps me hella busy all by itself. What I mean is, I have no life, other than being a Mom. I am with little people twenty-four-seven. My social life is non-existent. My idea of a good time is grocery shopping by myself.  I have realized that in order to retain some of my sanity I needed to do something just for myself. Since I love writing and love being a Mom, a blog seemed to be the obvious choice. Plus, I can do it at night when the munchkins are in bed:).I had first planned on blogging about something very important and current, but then every, single blog advice article stressed to write about something you know and more importantly, something you are passionate about. Well, there is nothing I am more experienced in and knowledgeable about then being a Mom. Despite the fact that I still have much to learn on the parenting front and still seem to do more wrong then right most of the time, there is absolutely nothing that I love more. So, here we are! However, although the main jist of the blog will be about being a stay at home mom and my family life day to day, I will also touch on whatever other random topics that I find interesting and/or think other mom's might like to read. And now without further adieu, let us jump right into post numero uno!.

Teacher Christmas Care Package from Positively Splendid

While browsing through my Google Reader the other day I stumbled across a simply adorable gift idea for my sons teacher. The post was featured as part of the Positively Splendid "Swell Noel" series and was a guest post by Michelle from A Little Tipsy. Both are A-MAY-ZING blogs and I encourage you to check them out (after you are done checking mine out, of course!). Anywho,  I had been struggling to find the perfect gift for my sons Kindergarten teacher for the past month and this post couldn't have come at a better time. What better gift to give to a teacher who is constantly exposed to snot nosed children then a care package full of health related and actually useful items. The best part? The whole gift, supplies included, cost me under 15$. SCORE!

Before I show you the finished product I am going to give you a quick run through of what I included in it and how I spruced it up! Oh, and you can check out the original and my inspiration for this fabulous idea go HERE!

 The first thing I did was purchase what I planned on putting in the gift basket portion of the gift. Most of it was purchased at the dollar store, however, I did get two or three things from Shoppers Drug Mart. What I decided on was: Hand sanitizer, travel size Tylenol, Hall's cough drops, a lip chap-stick, Extra gum, wet wipes, floss, Nivea hand cream, Christmas mug with candy inside, a small box of chocolates and a pair of Christmas socks for good measure (my son actually picked those out:)

Next I grabbed some supplies so I could decorate my gift basket. These were also from the dollar store and cost about five bucks. I got a Chistmas-y gift basket, red curling ribbon, some gift tags, silver basket filler, and some snowflake print cellophane gift wrap. Actually I splurged a bit on the gift tags, they were about 5$ for eight at Shoppers because all the other ones I saw were really little-kidish.

This is sort of a two-part gift, as you will see                                                        in the finished product. I picked out a box of Kleenex with a cute Christmas design on it.and spiced it up a bit more with some ribbon and a big bow I made.

 Finally, I put it all together and voila! Here is the end result which I like to think is just as pretty as the orginal from Positively Splendid.The finishing touch is the message on the tags. On the box of Kleenex it say "We 'Tissue' a Merry Christmas," and on the basket it says "And a healthy New Year!" Genius!!

I can't wait to give it to Coder's teacher! I hope she will find it as adorable as I do:) So what is everyone else giving their child's teacher for Christmas?

**I linked this project up on Make It Monday's weekly Linky Party and I encourage you to link your favorite card project too!!


  1. These are fantastic Jenn.. Saw this on MIM..Loz

  2. This is a splendid idea for a teacher and quite frankly, a perfect gift for anyone with kids! It's been joyous enjoying the crud mine have brought me from school. ICK!
    Your gift is wonderfully decorated and I laughed out loud at the "Tissue a Merry Christmas."

    Thank you SO much for joining us at Make It Monday!
    Hugs and Happy New Year,
    Lisa xx

  3. Hello Jenn. These projects are super.. Saw them on mIM.. Faye

  4. What a GREAT idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Saw you on MIM!!
    Happy New Year!! Have a GREAT day!

  5. This is such a cute idea, thanks for the inspiration!! Saw the project on MIM and had to come over,lol
    lotsa luv

  6. Great gift idea. Saw your project on Make it Monday and had to come over and take a closer look.
    Crafty Blogocks
    DT Member for Catch The Bug


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