Monday, 2 January 2012

OOTD: Mommy and Toddler Edition

As I told you before, being the creeper that I am, I LOVE seeing what other moms and their children wear day to day. 

Soooo...I am going to make my Mommy and Toddler OOTD's a regular feature here on Two Tiny Tyrants. It will be my daughter that is featured for the child outfits, however, from time to time I may feature my sons outfits as well, since many people do not have daughters. It is just so much more fun to dress a little girl, AmIRight? So I will be posting a new OOTD at least once weekly, though probably more if I have nothing worth blogging about. As usual I will include where I purchased each item and prices whenever I can, as well as links to the store websites. Alright? Alright. Here we go with our second OOTD: Mommy and Toddler Edition:)

OOTD: Casual Prep Mommy

Argyle Sweater from Tommy Hilfiger store (64.00$)
Brown Tank (under sweater) from Old Navy (12.50$)
Faded Skinny Jeans from Urban Planet (24.99$)
Winter Boots by ROXY from Winners (59.99$)

*I am sorry for the shitty photo quality and hopefully it is not too hard to see the clothing, I had to use my shitty camera because I forgot my good one at the MIL's and the hall light behind me kind of throws off the colours. Oh and I know I look chunkier then usual in this pick. Blame it on being horribly bloated. Continue on...

OOTD Toddler: Sporty Chic-

Bambi shirt from Disney Store (12.50$)
Grey sweats with "I <3 YOU" graphic from Giant Tiger (14.99$)
Pink with star pattern Basketball shoes from H & M (12.95$)
Pink Butterfly Hair clips from Dollarama (1$ for pack of 9)
Small Blue Striped hair clip (in bangs) from Dollarama (1$ for pack of 12)

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