Hi there!! My name is Jenn and I am a twenty-four year old stay-at-home mommy who is engaged to my middle school sweetheart of eleven years. Together we have been blessed with two beautiful children.
My fiancee, Trites
 Our son, Coder*, is five years old and just started kindergarten this past fall. Our daughter, Nelly*, recently turned two years old and has made the transition (seemingly overnight) from my baby to a full-fledged toddler.

Both my fiancee and I were born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada and have resided here our entire lives thus far. We grew up together in the same public housing neighbourhood and attended the same school, although he was two years older then me.

We were each other first real relationship and were both virgins when we got together. I was thirteen years old when we first started going out and I made the decision to make him wait before doing anything physical because I wanted to be sure that he really cared about me and respected me first. Well he did wait, almost two years before we took it to the next level and we have been together ever since.

Me pregnant with our first @ 18 yrs old
Growing up in public housing it was easy to get mixed up in some bad things. By the time we were halfway through high school, when my son was just a few months old, we were in the middle of a dangerous opiate addiction. We tried many times to quit on our own but would relapse after just a few months. In 2009 I got pregnant with my daughter, our second child, and I knew it was time to take drastic measures to beat our addiction. My fiancee and I both went on the Methadone Maintenance program. Methadone is a prescription substance that you drink daily that is used to combat opiate addiction by stopping the onset of withdrawals, allowing you live a life without drugs. My daughter was born in September of 2009 and was beautiful and perfectly healthy. For the complete story of my struggle with an opiate addiction click HERE.

Our daughter

Fast forward to two years later, my son is now an active kindergartner and my daughter is rambunctious toddler who loves to talk up a storm. I have been totally clean from any and all drugs for almost two and a half years and have never felt better. I am still on Methadone, however, I have been slowly tapering down in my dosage and my goal is to be Methadone free by summer 2012. I absolutely love my life and I am so grateful that I get to be home with my children each and every day. We play games, do crafts, cook together, go for walks and snuggle up and watch cartoons. I hope to give my children a great childhood full of many experiences and memories that will always cherish.

My perfect family...Summer 2010

I would describe myself as funny, witty, blunt, honest and straight-forward. I am a very good listener and enjoy giving people advice and helping others in any way I can. I am creative and a bit of a nerd. I enjoy doing crafts, writing and reading anything I can get my hands on. I am fascinated with many things including mom blogs, conspiracy theories and the paranormal, to name a few. I also enjoy shopping and couponing. There aren't many things make me happier then finding a great deal (or better yet, a freebie!) I am a total girly-girl when it comes to beauty and fashion and can often be found perusing the web and magazines for fashion, hair and beauty tips. I am a woman of MANY interests and have a habit of switching hobbies every second month.

I decided to start blogging because I felt that I spent so much time home with the kids that I wasn't really taking any time to do something that makes me happy. Since writing and being a Mommy are two of my biggest passions, it made sense for me to combine them. Plus, I love reading other mom blogs and the sense of community that is a big part of the mom blogging community, so of course I wanted to get in on the action! I had started a blog last year but never really took it seriously, it was more of a diary then a blog written with an audience in mind, so as a result it kind of just fizzled out. However, right now I find I always have things that happen with my children and family that I want to share with someone. I feel like I have been doing the mommy thing long enough that I can offer a snapshot of what being a SAHM is really like and that is exactly why I started this blog. I wanted a place to share all the trials and challenges, all the milestones and triumphs that come along with the job. A place where I can share the craziness that is my life and not have to sugarcoat anything. I wanted to be able to connect with other women who are in the same situation as I am and I can relate to. This time around I am writing for other moms as well as myself. That is what motivates me to keep posting. If I can make at least one other mom realise that she is not alone and that understand that ALL mom's make mistakes and have bad days,then I am happy.

* I was born with a cleft lip and had to get it fixed surgically when I was just a few months old. I still have the scar on my upper lip.
* I have no tonsils, I got them removed when I was a kid.
* My picture is in the lobby of my local hospital because I was admitted so much due to my Asthma.
* I cannot enjoy a meal unless I am reading a book or magazine while I eat it.
* I am obsessed with shows about ghosts and the paranormal.
* I cannot sleep unless I have my fan blowing directly at my face, even in the winter time>
* I write poetry and have books full of my work. I write poems for people fairly often for special occasions, etc
* I have three body piercings: My tongue, bellybutton and nose. My mom pierced my bellybutton with a needle in our bathroom when i was in high school. I do not have earrings in any of them right now though.
* I have three tattoos, two of which I did myself. One says "Cody" on my wrist, and I gave myself two "snake eyes" dice on one ankle and "Parkton," the neighbourhood I grew up in, on the other ankle.
* In high school I was a total punk rocker. I had red hair, ripped clothes with patches all over them and chains. I stopped washing my hair for like a month in grade ten trying to give myself dreadlocks.
* We have a pet hamster my son named "Binou" from the show "Toopy & Binou"
* I can write really good rap songs, and rap them too!
* I am ADDICTED to Smarties McFlurries from McDonald's.
* I HATE all seafood.
* I am allergic to bee stings and am supposed to carry an Epipen.
* My real father and my step-father who raised my both passed away. My biological father died of cancer when I was younger and my step-dad who i call Dad and raised me since I was six passed away in 2010 from an accident involving falling down cement steps. I love and miss them both dearly.
* I ALWAYS eat cereal for a bed snack at night. Captain Crunch and Honeycomb are my absolute favourites. I also love Frosted Mini-Wheat's.
* I MUST eat breakfast each morning or I feel light-headed and cannot function.
* I never have baths only showers.
* I do my hair and makeup every single morning even if I am not going anywhere.
* I LOATHE washing dishes because I have to do them by hand.
* I have only drove a car twice in my life.
* When i was a kid I got my hair cut short with a long rat tail in the back.  Then. bleached orange with peroxide.
* I am a night owl who ALWAYS stays up till at least  midnight               

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