Saturday, 7 January 2012

OOTD: Mommy and Toddler Edition

OOTD: Mommy and Toddler Edition:

Bad(ass) in Plaid!

                   Plaid Shirt- 19.99$ from Urban Planet
                   Blue T-shirt Underneith- 12.99$ from Stitches
                   Faded Skinny Jeans- 29.99$ from Urban Planet
                   Blue Bandana on my head- 1$ from Dollarama
                   Black Belt- 10$ from Urban Planet
                   Fake Brown Uggs- 12.99$ from Urban Plat
                   'Guess' 3-Heart Necklace- Gift from my Nanny
                   Outfit Total: 76.96$ Before Taxes

                   I absolutely LOVE bandanas. You can get them from the dollar store in
                   almost any color. The blue, red and pink are my faves!

Cute & Casual:

                   Hoodie- 24.99$ from Old Navy
                   Sweatpants-19.99$ from Old Navy (Sold Seperately)
                   Purple Tank Underneath- 3$ from Superstore
                   Brown Ugg-style Boots- 19.99$ from Old Navy
                   Pink hair elastics- 1$ for pk of 100 from Dollarama

                   Outfit Total: 68.97$ Before Taxes

                   **Tune in next time for OOTD: Kindergarten Edition Featuring my son,  
                       Coder. Age: Five years old!!**

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  1. Love the outfits! THanks for your sweet comment I hope you have fun doing the bubble machine! My kids loved it! I'm your newest follower! :)


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