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Simple Neon Leopard Nail Art + My New Look...REVEALED!!

So, before we begin I would like to take a second to apologize for all but neglecting my poor little blog.

Things have been hella busy and i just have not had a second to breathe, let alone crank out a blog post. I am, however, going to make a conscious effort to blog regularly again. There...that's outta the way. Now lets get this show on the road!

If you have even the remotest interest in fashion or read fashion and beauty magazines then it probably comes as no surprise to you that neon's are HUGE right now. I personally have always loved neon colors, even way back in middle school when i used to color my nails with highlighters. So, I decided that I wanted to do something cute on m nails using neon's, something a bit more sophisticated then coloring them with markers. I was browsing nail art tutorials on YouTube because I am on a nail art kick right now when I happened upon an adorable neon leopard nail design. I had recently purchased some neon polishes so I HAD to give it a shot. We'll it actually turned out great and I wanted to share the how-to with you guys. So, without further adieu...

Neon Leopard Manicure Tutorial

I apologize for the blurriness...Had to use my five yr olds camera...

Polish used for this tutorial:

  • -Cherimoya Vernis Classique in 'Sunshine Disco' (This is basically a highlighter yellow)
  • -Cherimoya Vernis Classique in 'Neon Orange' (Pictured above, although MUCH brighter in person)
  • -Nicole By O.P.I in 'Respect The World' (A bright turquoise color but with more blue in it)
  • -Sally Hansen Sheerly Opal in "Natural White' (This is part of the French Manicure Kit. I had to use a different brush though because the one with it is tiny as it is for french tips)
  • -L.A Colors Color Craze Polish in "Lightning" (A super-bright neon Pink)
  • -L.A Colors Color Craze Polish in "Voltage" (A clear polish I use as a topcoat)
  • -L.A Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in "Black Sparkle" (I used this for the actual leopard spots, but you could also use any black polish with a small brush or bobby-pin, etc)


Step 1: Apply a base coat.

First off, apply a clear base coat to protect your nails and to allow the polish to go on more smoothly.

Step 2: Paint all of your nails white.

Paint all of your nails white. Be sure to apply at least 2 or 3 coats, allowing them to dry in between, to ensure even coverage and a nice solid base.

Paint all nails with two or three coats of white polish.

Step 3: Draw on your leopard spots.

This can be done using either a nail art pen or dumping a tiny bit of polish onto a piece of paper and dipping a small brush or even a q-tip or bobby pin in it. You can even use a black Sharpie marker! Draw a leopard-like design on all off your nails, on top of the white polish you applied. To create a leopard print simply draw a bunch of small uneven circles and "C" shapes, leaving the center of them uncolored. Add a few black dots to fill in any spots where you cannot fit a bigger "spot". Do not worry about them looking perfect because they are supposed to be uneven and jagged looking. Make sure to leave the centers of your leopard spots empty because we will be filling them in on the next step. Allow your spots to dry completely to prevent smudges during the next step.

**NOTE** If you want to you can switch steps 2 & 3 and it will still come out the same. Some people prefer to do the colored dots then draw the leopard print around them instead of drawing the spots then filling them in after. It is your call and they will still look the same in the end.

Step 3: Fill in your leopard spots with your neon colors.

Draw leopards spots like the ones pictured, leaving the center empty.

 Fill in the centers of your leopard spots with you neon colors. Do this by putting only a tiny amount of polish on your brushes and placing a dot in the center of each of your black circles and "C" shapes. Alternate between each of the colors you are using on each nail until your have a rainbow effect your are happy with. You can do this with either the polish brush included with each bottle or by using a dotting tool. If you do use dotting tool then be sure to wipe it off completely before switching colors. I found the easiest way to add the colors is to do all the dots of one color on all your nails, then do your dots of the next color on all your nails and so on until you have used all your colors and each dot is filled. This prevents having to keep opening the same color over and over for each nail. Allow them to dry thoroughly before progressing to the final step. Feel free to use whatever colors you wish and as many as you want. You can also leave some of the pots empty as shown is the image for this step.

Step 4: Apply a clear top coat.
Once your design is completely dry apply a clear top coat. This will add shine and protect your hard work from chips. 

Step 5: Enjoy your fabulous new mani!
I found this pic online of the same mani so you can see better.

Now go on, skedaddle outta here and go show off your new sexy tips.

**TIP** Reapply the clear top coat daily to prolong the life of your nail art and ward off chips and flaking.

Oh, there is one more thing I have been dying to share before I sign off. 

 So, for any of you who have seen pics of me you will know my hair was super long (too my bum!) and I ALWAYS wore it just thrown up in a messy bun so I didn't have to deal with it. This infuriated my hubby because he always loved my long hair but never EVER saw it down. Well, I got sick and tired of sporting the exact same style every single day so I decided it was time for a bit of a makeover. I really wanted a "Scene" haircut, (Click on it if you aren't familiar with the term) which consists of short, choppy layer up top, longer bottom layer and side swept bangs. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   So, I went to First Choice Haircutters (Mainly because it was cheapest) where an old friend of mine works and got my hair cut by her. I was forced to drag the munchkins with me while i got my hair cut because Daddy was working every day. Luckily, the ladies there were super nice and they let the kiddos sit on the hairdressing seats (You know the ones that spin and move up and down) which kept them pretty entertained. Well, that and Mommy's IPod Touch! Anyways, she did an absolutely amazing job and I freakin' love my new 'do . I hadn't dyed my hair since before Nelly was born so I decided to go full out and color it too. I bought a box of Garnier Nutrisse Cream Permanent Dye in #30, Intense Dark Brown and a box of Splat Semi-Permanent Dye + Bleach Kit in Luscious Raspberries.  

Garnier Nutrisse Cream in #30, Intense Dark Brown, 7.99$

Splat Complete Dye & Bleach Kit in Luscious Raspberries, 14.99$

 The plan was to dye my hair dark brown with red streaks throughout (Not like a redhead red, actual fire engine red) However, after dying my hair dark brown I was a bit iffy about applying bleach, which is necessary on dark hair so that the red shows up. I had heard too many horror stories of peoples hair falling out or turning green. So, I did a strand test to see how the bleach would turn out on my dark brown colored hair (You can do a strand test by snipping a strand from the bottom of your head, mixing equal parts, about a teaspoon, of bleach powder and developer and dying the strand as directed). This not only lets you know how long to leave the bleach on but also lets you see the color it will turn out as and whether or not there will be any adverse affects from the chemicals. After 40 minutes the strand lightened to a strawberry blond color...It seemed to work fine so I decided to give it a go on my real hair. I still chickened out with the full head of highlights though and instead opted for a red chunk in my bangs. 

It turned out amazing though and it is the perfect shade of bright red. I absolutely loved the end results of my cut and color and I saved a ton of money by dying it myself as opposed to paying a salon instead. The actual hair cut cost me a little under 15$, the dye was 25$ for the two boxes, and then I spent another 20-25 bucks on some new hair products and accessories. So, the total was around 65$ and it was worth every penny. I feel like a whole new woman!! Here are some of my "After" pics, let me know what you think...

New & Improved!!

And what, bitchezz?? haha:)
This is how it looks in a pony...

I challenge all you ladies to go out and splurge a bit on something just for you!! Whether it be a full cut and color or just a new lipstick, just something to boost your spirits a bit. In order to be the very best Mom's that we can be it is essential to make an effort to take care of ourselves as well as our children. It is CRAZY how much more confident and happy I feel from something as simple as a new cut and color. And what better time then the present to get purdied up for the Summer! If any of you decide to treat yourselves please share the before and after pictures with me:) We all deserve some "ME" time now and then!

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  1. I LOVE the red! Good for you! I've been thinking of doing something similar, but not sure if I have the nerve!

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