Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thursday Tidbits: Mr. Snowman Needs some mittons!!

First off I wanna say that I am so incredibly proud of Coder. He had his very first school Christmas concert on Monday and it was A-freakin-DORABLE!! All the kindergarteners sang a song about building a snowman to the tune of "If your happy and you know it" and it went along the lines of "Mr. snowman needs a hat, needs a hat (2X) Mr. Snowman needs a hat. Oh, fancy that! Mr. Snowman needs a hat, needs a hat!" For each part they had props and actions to do. Put on a hat for the hat part, put on sunglasses for the eyes, put on their mittens for the mittens part and so on. They also had to clap twice at the end of each verse. This is a lot going on for an adult, let alone a five year old!

Now keep in mind that Coder is often terribly shy in front of strangers and that night there was a full house of parents. I was kinda worried he would have stage fright and burst into tears or something.  However, he got off to a great start singing, clapping in time and putting his hat and glasses on. Then somewhere around the halfway mark things went downhill. He kind of froze like a deer in headlights, only snapping out of it long enough to clap when he noticed the other kids clapping. Then the cutest part ever was when he bent down to put his mittens on and could only find one He was spinning around and around on his knees trying to find the other. It was too cute!  Too be fair though, many of the other kids were doing random things too. Everything from kids dancing like a spastic chicken to excavating their noses was featured. At the end of the performance when I went and got him and asked how it was he kept saying, "Good but I didn't like the dark." I think what he means is that because the spotlights are so bright when they shine on you that when you look away into the audience everything looks black. I have a feeling that this freaked him out a bit. But oh, how it melted my heart to see him in his little Christmas suit on stage. Apparently, it melted everyone elses hearts too because the kindergartners got a HUGE standing ovation at the end of their performance. They most definitely stole the show!!

I also had Nelly with me in the audience, and she was putting on a show of her own for everyone in our general vicinity. She kept trying to play Peek-a-Boo with the woman behind us. Bless that lady, she played right along with it, much to Nelly's enjoyment! There was also a huge snowman on stage that she kept screaming "NOMAN!!" at. Then every time a new class would come on stage to perform she would alternate between yelling "WHERE SANT-Y CLAUSE?" and dancing on the seat. They were the fold down seats like at a hockey rink and she was barely heavy enough to keep it open. I had to keep part of my leg on her seat so it wouldn't swallow her up.

The only shitty part of the night was that my p.o.s camera was dead so I couldn't get any pictures. This really ticked me off. Apparently my camera will only work with top of the line batteries and even those only last a few hours. I bought some Panasonic batteries at the dollar store, planning to take pics at the concert. Yeaaaa, they wouldn't even turn the damn camera on!! I tried some Energizer ones (they are the type you push a button to test and it shows how much 'juice' is left in them) that were over half full and still no dice. It was a major disappointment because his look so friggin' cute. My sis-in-law did manage to get one pick of his class performing and you can see him in it but it is from pretty far back so it isn't the best picture. I'll post it when she sends me a copy. Would have loved to have close up pics but what can ya do?


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  1. Grrrr I hate when that happens, my batteries always run out when I need them! But sounds like you had a good time anyway ♥


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