Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2012

Every single January I start out the New year with the best of intentions. I am determined to stick to my resolutions and follow through. Then, every year, by February said resolutions have been long since forgotten. Well not this year I tell ya! This year I promise, no I VOW, to stick them out. There are three things that I am determined to change in 2012. Each of things will change my life for the better and I have NO excuse to flake on them. So, without further ado, here are my 2012 New Year's Resolutions:

Number 1: I resolve to quit smoking cigarettes. Yes, I know it is a disgusting habit. Yes, I know it is terrible for my health. And to make matters worse I have had asthma my whole life! I am surprised my doctor hasn't strangled me yet. I am not fooling myself into thinking this will be easy. I know it will be tough stuff, but i have overcame much MUCH more challenging obstacles. Hubby and I plan to quit together. I am sure that this is going to be a huge factor in my success because I am telling you right now that I will have a VERY hard time quitting if i have to see packs of smokes lying around and deal with him still smoking. Plus it is always good to have someone going through the same thing. You can support each other, help each other get through the cravings and just knowing you are not alone is a great help. I would ideally like to quit sans any type of aids such as the patch, however, I am not going to swear quitting aids of completely because i know a few people who had success with various types. I think i will just see how it goes quitting on my own cold turkey and if that ends up being to difficult then i may try either the patch or a prescription quitting aid such as Chantix. I am NOT going to use the gum because it tastes like ass and I would rather eat shit then chew on that. I havent worked out the logistics yet but i am going to pick a "quit date" and really really try to stick with it. I feel sorry for my children for the first few days though, as I am sure I will be far from in a chipper mood. Hopefully I am not to unbearable to be around. I know it will be worth it in the end though when i can breathe better and I am not spending almost ten bucks a day on smokes. Plus, it is setting a good example for my kids. Monkey see, monkey do and all that crap.

Number 2: I resolve to begin working out regularly again. This is something else I really want to do that will greatly benefit my health. Number one sort of ties in with this as it will be easier to workout when I am a non-smoker (See what i did there? Not 'if' but 'WHEN' I am a non-smoker..Getting in the mindset!) I won't get winded as easily. As it stands right now the stairs to my front door almost do me in. I had been working out regularly a few months back but I began skipping days and planning on making up for it then not doing it, then my motivation kind of just fizzled out completely. I did buy a lot of great workout equipment during that time though which I still have, so there is no reason why I can't start up again. I lost almost ten pounds in the last month or two,  down from 147lbs to 138lbs, from doing nothing differently except walking Coder to and from school daily.. This has given me a bit of motivation to continue and try to reach my goal weight of 125. Although, I am not really looking to lose weight as much as I am to tone up, get rid of the love handles and and increase my energy. I do want to lose that pesky last ten pounds but that is all. When I was on my workout kick I stumbled across a great FREE website called that offers a free workout and nutrition guide where you can log your eating habits and exercise minutes. It also has a ton of other awesome features like great articles, workout videos and demos, a very supportive community with forums and blogs and much more. If you are looking to lose weight or simply become more active I highly recommend checking it out. It costs nothing and is a great tool for anyone interested in getting in shape. This is also one of  hubby's resolutions so hopefully, like the smoking, we can help keep each other motivated. I will be doing all my workouts at home since I am too cheap for a gym membership, but this works out well for me because I can squeeze a quick workout in anytime, such as early morning, once the kids are in bed or during naptime.

Number 3: My final resolution is to get my house more organized. Right now our home is in a constant state of chaos. There is definitely much room for improvement in the organization department. Closets and toys are huge problems areas, as is the bathroom. I also need to adopt some type of filing system for important papers, bills and school forms, etc. Right now my counter is kind of a catch all for any and every paper that enter the house. And with Christmas just days away, and a bunch of new stuff coming into the house, what better time is there to get organized. I am always browsing cleaning and organization blogs and I come across tons of great ideas. I will see something, bookmark it with the intention to do it, and then never give the page another glance. But not this year! This year I am going to become an organization QUEEN. Well, maybe not. But I am definitely going to create some sort of system for organizating the various messes in my house. I don't have a ton of money to drop on fancy schmancy closet organizers and cubby systems so much of it will be ideas that are cheap and fairly simple and that use everyday items. One of my favorite organization sites is I'm an Organizing Junkie, so I will definitly be looking there for ideas and tips. The main areas in need of an overhaul are:
  • Closets
  • Kids roons/Toys
  • Kitchen cupboards/pantry/fridge
  • Important papers/school stuff
  • Bathroom (Makeup, hair products, etc)
I will be posting each project I tackle along the way so be sure to Follow for tips and ideas as well as pictures of my progress. Also, if any of you have any ideas for organizing any of the above categories I would be thrilled if you would share. If I really like it I will even feature it!! I am thinking about doing some type of organizing series in 2012 but the idea is still in the works as of now so stay tuned in.

So there you have it! My resolutions for 2012 are official, now it is up to me to stick them out. Be sure to Follow to stay up to date on my progress. I would love to hear what types of New Year's resolutions everyone else hopes to accomplish. What are your top three resolutions for 2012? Do you normally follow through on resolutions? Please share!

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