Wednesday, 28 December 2011

OOTD: Mommy and Baby version

So I have noticed that pretty much all my favorite mommy bloggers have started doing the Outfit of the Day feature. I personally love seeing what other mommies where and where they buy it, how much it cost, etc. I also love seeing how other mommies dress their children and I got the idea to do an OOTD for my daughter from Mandy over at The OMG Mom, who did an outfit post of her daughter on her blog, which you can view HERE.  So, since there are some days when I have absolutely nothing even remotely interesting to blog about I decided to jump on the OOTD bandwagon. I will try my best to include prices and where I got each item but some things I have had forever and I have a hard time remembering what I ate for breakfast, let alone where i bought something three years ago. Alright, enough of me rambling on, lets do the damn thing.

OOTD: Mommy Casual

This was worn to basically bum around the house and for a quick grocery run.

Sweatpants (12.99$) and Hoodie (18.99$) from Giant Tiger
White tank under sweatshirt (10$) from Urban Planet
'Guess' necklace was gift but similar styles are online for between 40-60$ (See closer pic below)
Cupcake Slippers (12.99$) from Wal-Mart

 OOTD: Toddler Edition-

I decided to do this outfit because I LOVE it on her. It is two pics because I wanted to show it her outfit without her coat and then with it. These were both taken at the same time though.

Shirt (19.99$) from H & M
Black Leggings (12.99$) from H & M
Brown Riding Boots (24.99$) from H & M (Closer pic below)
Coat (Reg. 54.99$ on Sale for 34.99$) from Old Navy
Hat and Mittons (9.99$ each...Sold seperately) from Baby Gap

Cutest. Boots. EVER

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