Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Cold Weather Doesn't Stop The Fun!

The kiddos had a blast playing soccer and wrestling around with their cousins (my nephews) at Nana and Pappy's house (Aka my hubby's mom and step-ish-dad *long story*). Love those kids so much<3 The cold weather did not deter them at all, in fact, I think it made them even more hyper o_O

My oldest nephew (The one in the plaid shirt and shaggy hair pictured directly above) is the only one who didn't join the outdoor festivities. He was much happier on the computer watching Youtube videos of talking oranges (?!). He is going to be in high school next year so I guess i can't really blame him for not wanting to play with his little brothers. I wouldn't have been caught dead in public with my little sister during my high school career. He did take minute for me to snap a pic of him and Nelly though. He really is a great kid though:)

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